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You can reach us via a number of ways, depending on what your inquiry is about.

Firstly though, I would just like to inform you that FAQs for a number of products and questions are forthcoming, so check back in the future for those updates as our company continues to expand it’s products and services.

General Inquiries – can be done by email at the following…

Product Support

or at our general help desk

It is also always good to leave an email address, as well as your call back number, where we can reach you too.

Please Note: We have hundreds of products  and many of them are affiliate products and the majority of them are teaching tools designed to be the help you need as an economical solution.

Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible for us to offer personal support for these kind of products. Many of these products we have used our selves and we know that they will perform as described. Even so, sometimes it can be tough to figure out how things will work especially if the information is new to you. However, we have found that persistence and patience wins out almost every time.

Unfortunately personal one on one coaching is expensive and not suitable for the average person thus the reason for the tutorial products and why we entered the tutorial niche (to try and help as many people as possible realize their dreams with self help solutions via our many tutorials). However, all of our products come with a satisfaction money back guarantee should you decide to return them for a refund within the guarantee period. All guarantees are clearly stated. We only ask you to be honorable and straight forward as we endeavor to be with you. If you do request a refund, you are indicating that said product is not for you and we require, in this case, you destroy it and not use it again (see our terms of service/terms and conditions for more information).

Are You In Need Of A Help Desk Solution For Your Company?

I have a few products to show you. I have them but I need to stock them so they are forthcoming…

I mean a couple of these products are much better than my own system I’m using right now as they come with many more features and step by step video tutorials and the system I installed, I had to figure out on my own with just a few text instructions and limited support. (In case you haven’t noticed, almost no one offers support for third party products so keep this in mind… it is just the way things work online… at least in the digital medium).

However, if you can’t wait and need a quick fix for less than $10 that is easier than most free systems, check out the link below!

Now this one is my products but I have not personally used it. I just provide it as a quick solutions for folks and you need to have some kind of support system if you are doing any kind of Marketing online, even affiliate marketing.

I make it super easy for you though.., it’s less than ten bucks and come with  Private Label Rights so you could rename the product (or not) and sell it to recoup your investment and also use it as an income source.

And as always, it comes with my standard satisfaction guarantee, so you can’t loose, either way!

Also, if you purchase this one and you like it and send me a testimonial on it, I will give you one of my many other products absolutely free! And since the majority of my products sell for more than ten bucks, you are sure to be in for a treat (just a thought!)

Either way, I just watched a video on one of my other help desk systems and I can’t wait to show you, so be sure to check back!

Thanks For Visiting The Support Page!


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