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Please be advised, that this is a limited service designed to help a person or business with a little support via product or products and or service. I determine what service I provide, if any, however, I will endeavor to do this via interaction with you (the purchaser of the hosting through my banner link).
This service is provided as is and there are no warranties whatsoever, expressed or implied. However, you may be entitled to some other privilege not expressed in this disclaimer for which the law allows… Either party (either you or I) can dissolve this relation at any time and for any reason. Should such a dissolution occur (other than the satisfactory completion of your project), you must delete all the work I have performed from your computer and from the hosting site as well as from any where else that the work performed, may be residing. By work, I mean any and all measures, files, graphics, software, data bases and indeed any thing I used to create your project, must be deleted and you agree not to use any such work that I have created in the future (which you’ve agreed to delete…)
In the event that we dissolve an agreement, it is possible that I could allow you to keep the work created for you and that may be determined according to the relationship of the dissolution. Should I decide to do this, I would do so in writing and you must have it in writing from me in order for it to be considered as legal.
Finally you agree not to cancel your hosting account for which you signed up through my link. If you should do so, then you agree to compensate me for the amount which would have been credited to me (or my account) for the referral. The only exception to this is you cancel your account after the time limit set forth by the hosting company for which they would not take back my credit for the referral and you agree to find out what that time limit is either from me or the hosting company prior to cancelling your account and you agree to put me on notice of your intention to cancel your hosting agreement. However, if you or I dissolve or cancel any agreement we’ve made prior to my beginning your project, you would not be required to pay me anything because you canceled hosting account.
This is a limited time offer and I reserve the right to cancel this offer at anytime and without notice.
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