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Top 5 Advertising Tips To Have Peace And Security In Your Internet Information Marketing Life

I think you’ll agree, any kind of Marketing edge that you can give you and your business, all the better…

Below you will find 5 time and product tested tips that will give you that extra edge that you’re looking for. Use them and they will improve your overall output!

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Top 5 Advertising Tips To Have Peace And Security In Your Internet Information Marketing Life!

1. Who doesn’t like a discount? I know I do and your customers will too! Give them an overall total order discount to increase your sales. For instance you might want to give a discount for spending a particular dollar amount. “Spend $250 and receive and automatic 20% discount off your total order!”

Another, sort of version of this, is “buy two and get one free!”

2. Since so many of us are visually oriented, when it comes to looks, having a nice picture or graphic posted at your website that represents your product you’re selling, is so necessary when trying to win your customer over. Seeing a visual representation, sort of gives the customer the feeling of ownership and brings them that one step closer in closing the sale.

3. You could increase the perceived value of your product to boost sales dramatically. One way is to present the customer with a free bonus complementary product… Another is to have good persuasive sales copy to entice the customer… And still having a great graphic reprensation, as mentioned earlier and a decent looking website all help in increasing the perceived value of your product and business.

4. Ok here’s one that more smaller businesses may not consider but could prove to be a tremendous help, when done right! And that is to outsource part of your workload to save time, energy and money. You could outsource the parts of your business that you don’t like doing yourself or in areas that you are weak… And you can use the time, energy and money you will save, in promoting your business, which is what’s going to make you the most money!

5. This one can be a deal breaker, if the customer doesn’t see it somewhere in the sales process… Tell your audience what kind of support they will receive after they make their purchase. Depending on the product, this could be something as simple as free email support or a FAQ section that answers the most popular question. Whenever possible, always offer some type of guarantee!

Don’t forget, people love “peace and security!”

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Are You Pinteresting?

That’s a very Pinteresting question, don’t you think?

Pinterest came out last year and has been quite the rage since, arguably, being noted as the fastest growing social media site ever…

In case you’re new to Pinterest, the url is Beleive it or not, when it first came out (much like Google+), you had to be “invited” to sign up or get in on the “waiting list.” Well now is not the case!

So who is Pinterest for? Let me start by telling you what Pinterest is basically!

Well, Pinterest is basically an image base sharing website whereby members get to share all manner of images of interest from a number of different formats or mediums (family photos, magazine recipes, astronomy, funny, quirky, serious, business, you name it, if it’s an image, it can be pinned… And not only that, you can pin videos too! It should go without saying that materials have to be legal and suitable for all types of audiences…)

The sharing takes place from a process called pinning whereby one would pin (as in a push pin cork board) an image to what is called “boards”. Boards are used to categorize and manage your pins/images. Once you get all signed up (see link above), one of the first things Pinterest is going to have you to do is choose some boards that interest you (or that you like) to sort of get things going and then they want you to get started creating your own boards (so that you and others can “pin” to them).

Oh yeah, one of the things that make pinning so sensational is you get to pin to other people’s boards as well as repin pins that others have already pinned, if you like them… Starting to get the picture now… If a picture is worth a thousands words than “Pinning” is SENSATIONAL!!!

Let’s take a look inside my Pinterest account at the Board’s main nav page to give you a behind the scenes look at the inner workings of the BIG P!



As you can see from this page I can search, access my main 3 drop down menus which is for more navigation. I can see how many Boards, Pins and Likes I have. I can click on a Board to see the pins on that board. I can see how many followers I have and how many I’m following…

As you can see, there’s nothing complicated about it and it really is a whole lot of fun so, ARE YOU PINTERESTING?

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Legal Documents For Websites And How To Email Advertising…

Did You Know That There Are Legal Documents For Websites And How To Email Advertising That Are Required By Every Webpage And Email List Owner..?

Yes it’s true, and not for just for the US but for nearly every country that has Internet… Sure each country has it’s own governing body but in most cases, all adopt similar policies… For instance, if you own a website and use that site to interact with others, you need to have some kind of Privacy Statement (especially if you collect any kind of personal information), as well as other legal requirements.

Now we usually think this applies to just businesses but this applies to all website owners…

Here’s a common mistake I see time and again… An Affiliate Marketer selling someone else’s product and perhaps the product owner gives them a page to advertise… well sometimes I see these pages that don’t have the minimum basics that they should, to cover them legally… If something negative were to happen, both the product owner and the affiliate marketer could be held responsible.

This is quite unfortunate because it’s fairly easy to cover the basics for legal documents for websites and how to email advertising (see links below…)

Another very common mistake I see (and it’s not just from Spammers either) is in many of the emails I receive… I get emails of people telling me about this or that product… Now they can be outright selling a product or they could be simply informing me of some free product for which they will get some kind of consideration (it doesn’t have to be money)… Well many of them fail to tell me that they will receive some kind of consideration and that’s illegal!

Did you know that just one infraction, just one legal documents for websites and how to email advertising violation could result into a $16,000 fine? (which could be easily avoided, see link below)

Most of the time all one need is these special pages that are easy to make and can even be had for free but you need to know what it is you need to prepare for which is why I’m going to provide you this special page I set up where the Government tell you themselves, what the rules are about… so you don’t have to take my word…

Click the link, to watch this Free Gov’t Video telling you the facts and how you can get the software that will automate the whole process for you so that you have no worries for your business or website…

Click This Link to watch the free video and get your Legal Documents For Websites And How To Email Advertising Kit!

 Legal Disclaimer:
I am providing this page, and it’s contents, for informational purposes only and nothing  stated  is intended for legal advice. I’m not an attorney or legal representative and should you need legal advice, you should consult with a legal representative.

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Information Internet Marketing Real Black Friday Sale Special is a true Black Friday Sale!

I’m getting emails with 15%, 20% and 30% off sales… this to me is not a Black Friday sale. Already media are reporting complaints from consumers that expected more today and I don’t blame the consumers, on this one…

Stores and Marketers should be giving the consumer the best sale they’ve seen all year, or ever! Ye,t early reports from watchdog research reporters are already stating that many of the retail giants are having Black Friday sales that don’t surpass some of the regular sales they’ve had throughout the year.

In the days to come, you’ll have retailers complaining about less than hopeful returns… Yet many of them will make millions this day. The economy is down for nearly everyone and since you’re not going to make what you would normally make in a better economy, then, at least someone should come away happy… and that someone should be the consumer! After all, isn’t it the consumer who’s spending their hard earned money?

I did not plan to do a Black Friday sale this year, but after seeing what I think is greedy and shameful sellers, not living up to the true spirit of a Black Friday Sale, I’m going to do what I think ought to be done… and that is give you, the consumer, the deal of a lifetime sale..!

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What Is Work At Home Jobs Really About..?

What Is Work At Home Jobs Really About… will endeavor to shine some light on what can sometimes linger in obscurity.

Basically, what is work at home jobs consist of just a few main area types…

  1. Jobs with an establish position with a company you already work for that provides an opportunity for it’s employees to work at home via the company’s “Intranet” system                            [Intranet - a restricted and private network created using World Wide Web technology, in this regard, similar to "Internet"].
  2. Jobs that offer “telecommuting”… These are jobs where you can work exclusively at home (or at home part of the time with the balance of time, needing to go in to the job-site) via telephone, fax or modem/computer or any combination of those.
  3. A job where you work from home or anywhere there is a computer and internet connection… Jobs such as freelance writing, affiliate Marketing et al.
  4. And finally a job that you essentially create for yourself, usually consisting of offering up your specialized knowledge/service/products to a particular market.

There are some interesting advantages involved with what is work at home jobs…

  • You are the boss and decides when you work and don’t work
  • You save quite a bit of money involved with traveling to a job (such as bus/train/cab fares, gasoline, vehicle maintenance, lunch money etc.)
  • You really can work in your pajamas, if you want to
  • You can provide your own daycare, thereby saving a lot of money on daycare fees
  • You could home school your children
  • Your are more or less in control of how much money you make
  • and a whole lot more…


Below are a few “What Is Work At Home Jobs – Resources”

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