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Discover How To A Free Website Make

There are a number of ways to discover how to a free website make… I’m going to talk about a few of the most popular, or easiest and or free!

However, let’s talk about the hardest and least popular (how to a free website make) for the general population… The hardest is to learn HTML (HypeTextMarkupLanguage) and CSS (CascadingStyleSheets) and a few other little technical terms that will allow you to build a website from scratch using “code” (such as those I’ve mentioned)

Of course, if you have about a year’s worth of free time or can enroll in a 2year program, this might work for you.

However, in today’s internet we’re all about maximising and leveraging our time and money so we are looking for things that can be relatively easy to learn but yet look professional… This is the ideal situation.

Next, if at all possible, we would like to be able to discover how to a free website make all for free or at least most of it for free! SO, we want to be able to create a great product for free (relatively speaking) and do it in a reasonably short amount of time, sound about right?

Well I have nothing but good news for you, in fact, there are so many options that I can’t cover them all in this article so I will tell you about my two favorites.

#1 is WordPress (Blogging and Content Management Platforms ) and for many good reasons…

  • It’s probably the most popular content management system online
  • It is open source thus, IT IS FREE!
  • It is probably the most frequently updated CMS of it’s kind and that’s good for us as users!
  • It is user friendly and can be up in running in minutes
  • It can be made to look like a blog or a regular website
  • There are many add ons and plugins on the market for enhancing your blog and the majority of them are FREE!
  • It can be a simple process or more involved and technical, subjective to the user.

There are many more good things to say about how to a free website make WordPress but I now want to advise you of some caveats, if  not cons.

  • You need to understand a little about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but this is true, no matter which system you choose.
  • However there are free pluging that do most of your seo work for you
  • You need to learn how to optimize your add ons for overall best performance of your site
  • Some competitors of WordPress would be Blogger (Google’s blogging platform), Dupral and Joomla, to name a few (that you might want to research as alternatives).

#2 A Standalone WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)  Editor – What this means is you don’t really have to worry about code… what you see, as you are designing your site, is pretty much what your website will look like (A sorta step by step make a website).

  • No need to know complex html or css code (the editor will build the code language for you in the background).
  • You can learn some easy simple coding that will help you later on but it’s not required and as much of it as you want can be had for free online.
  • You can even get the most popular editor for building your websites for free online as well (see the video below…)
  • Watch the video below to see what your awsome step by step make a website new editor will look like.
  • Watch me build a simple but attractive website in under two minutes
  • Finally the best part is you can get professional coaching via step by step videos that will have you building your very own websites in minutes, GUARANTEED!

So Sit Back Hit Play And Be Entertained

 Now To Watch A Free Video With The FREE Editor In Action And Discover How To Get Your Own Personal Coaching Step By Step Videos, Click Here Now!

I Hope You’ve Enjoyed Discovering How To A Free Website Make And Remember To Share With Your Friends, Twitterers, Google Plus Circles And Other Contacts Learn About This Awesome Discovery!

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