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Information Internet Marketing FREE Christmas Gifts!

Information Internet Marketing FREE Christmas Gifts are in honor of “God with us” via The Son, Emmanuel, my family and my friends everywhere!

Below, you will find two useful tools for Marketing internet information… There’s the QR Code Generator

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How Much To Host A Website

Discover the affordability of How Much To Host A Website.

If you’re planning to get a hosting account anytime soon, you’re going to love the great news I have for you…

You have two options really, you can go the free website way or the paid way of doing your thing, there are pros and cons to either version.

Rather than try and list them all, I’ll just cut right to the chase and tell you that my recommendation is to go the paid route, especially since it’s truly affordable for most any budget and comes with inbuilt security that you can not get from the free versions.

And why do I say this? Well, in a nutshell, the free version comes with restrictions and you’re at the mercy of that hosting company, as far as you being in total control of your business.

However, on the other hand, the paid option is quite the opposite in that you have practically total control of what you can do with your site/business. As well, the benefits so far out weights the free version, that in the long run (or short really), you will be much happier with the few dollars it cost to be in control.

So, how much to host a website?

Hosting a website will cost you anywhere from free to just under $100.00 per year. The average price is probably from $4.95 per month to $7.95 per month (Again, things will depend on what you are looking for but these are good ball park figures).

For instance, I have several accounts; one account I pay $7.95 a month and another, basic hosting is free with the domain purchase and still another that does something else… so, it just depends.

Hosting a website with a good hosting company is the best thing you can do for your business or serious projects and “how much to host a website” is practically irrelevant, when you check out what the #1 and #2 hosting company online will do for you today.

I’ll save you some time by recommending two of the best and most popular hosting companies online to date. These two companies will offer 99.99% of what most individuals or businesses would need in a hosting company.

Simply Pick Either Hosting Company – The Best Two Online!

Sign Up With Either Company And I Will Offer You Up To 10 Days Of FREE Limited Email Or Skype Support. Simply fill out the form below to let me know you’ve signed up and I’ll be in touch!

Comments or questions are welcome.

* indicates required field

Legal Disclaimer:
Free email support is a free offer I’m making to you for signing up with either company above. This email support offer is not apart of Bluehost or Hostgator and has not been endorsed by either company. I will also receive a commission, if you sign up via my banner links and as a thank you, I’m offering this free limited support to help you in any way I can. I’m an experienced Internet Marketer (as should be evidenced by my blog here) and will try to help anyone that signs up and asks for my assistance. Please be advised, no guarantees of any kind are made nor implied. My service is a courteosy and provided as is. Prices are subject to change.


Information Internet Marketing Services Special Discount Coupon

This Is An Information Internet Marketing Services Special Discount Coupon For

Google 1st Page Search Engine Results!

Google 1st Page $500 Discount Coupon!
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Get To The First Page Of Google And Save $500.00

Before The Clock Runs Out!!

This post happens to be a test of my new coupon system and for demonstration for certain Offline/Local clients that I’m contacting.

This offer is not really for the general public, however, I like to do things live (even Test), so if you so happen to be a business that sees this special offer and want to take advantage of it, go ahead!

Although this special is for local clients only, that I’m contacting personally, if you catch this during this window and you want your business on the first page of Google but you can’t seem to get pass the 2nd, 3rd, 4th … pages, this would be great for you.

However, I will only accept one client per any niche per any local for this offer!

 Google is a registered trademark of it’s companies and has not reviewed nor endorsed this page, website or product.



Information Internet Marketing Free Web Site Design Help

Congratulations On Finding My Information Internet Marketing Free Web Site Design Help

In order to have a website online, you will need to have your website hosted somewhere. So, you will need to sign up at some hosting company to get my Free Web Site Design Help.

I have been Marketing on line for about five or six years and have hosted my sites at five different companies (including GoDaddy). My main hosting company is Bluehost and I have been with them for at least four or five years and recommend them over any of the other services I’ve personally used. Also, when I was looking for potential affiliate partners, I researched a number of other companies and still rank Bluehost at the top.

Feel free to do your own research (also realize, one of the benefits of having help is, this saves you a lot of time and frustration, among other things…) but I would consider Bluehost’s nearest competitors to be Hostgator and Godaddy. I hear good things about Hostgator (and I do partner with them) but I won’t go further into reviews as this is not what this post is about. I just wanted to give you that background information for your consideration.

I use Bluehost and have been with them for years and this is where you need to sign up to for your hosting in order to get my free web site design help.

I know their system well, which will benefit you too because it will make things easier for everybody and when you sign up, I will get credit for referring you as well. In this way, it’s a win, win, win for all.

  • You will get free web site design help from an experienced and professional online expert.
  • Bluehost will gain a new customer (BTW – they host domains in the millions, I believe…)
  • And I will get credit for the referral

[If you already have a domain name, that's fine, but if not don't worry about that right now. I will get some information from you and can provide you some insider knowledge that could be worth hundreds in costly mistakes, for the uninformed (trust me, I know!)

To get started just click on the banner or link below, then send me the request info on the contact form. Once Bluehost notifies me of your signup, I will follow up with you to get your project underway...]

Free Web Site Design Help

After you’ve signed up, let me know by either clicking on the “Contact” button at the top of any page on the site or simply click on the link that follows…

Just fill in your info and I will follow up with you just as soon as I hear from Bluehost.

Basically how this will work is, I will design your site, either from one of my professional commercial templates, from your images or perhaps a combination of this…

Advantages of having me design your site is

  • You will be able to use the finish product without worry of licensing or royalty fees and such that can come attached  with using free templates online.
  • As well, you wont have to pay for any graphics I provide as I will do so free of charge to you.

I will try to make this an enjoyable experience for you, nevertheless, I know it will be a knowledgeable one.

Congratulations and I look forward to working with you and providing you my information internet Marketing free web site design help!


[This is a limited time offer!]

Although I will try to make you a happy customer, this service will be provided as is and comes with no guarantees, whatsoever! Innovative Technologies, and Floyd Florence is providing this service free of charge to you (other than the fees you will naturally incur as part of the nature of setting up a website online dictates) and I (we) will not be held responsible or accountable for your use of any of the free services and or related products and tools used to provide the services to (for) you. You, therefore agree, by accepting this service or services and related actions taken to provide the service or services, to indemnify and whole blameless Floyd Florence, Innovative Technologies, and any affiliated partners, employees, websites or businesses.
Privacy Policy:
We will not share your personal information to anyone not connected with providing this service to you.
To see our full website terms (terms of use, terms of service, terms and conditions), disclaimers and privacy policy, please visit the following links…


Generate QR Code Free Generator Makes Money For You Automatically!

The Easiest Money Ever - Generate QR Code Free Generator Makes Money Automatically!

You Can Set It And Forget All About It But It Will Never Stop Making You Money…

This might just be the best blog post you read all year… You’re about to discover how to generate a ton of traffic and make money at the same time.

You know about the hot QRcodes right? You know, those black & white (and now color ones too, but the b&w are actually better for you) funny looking square images you’re starting to see every where online and off.

Well, you’re only going to see more and more of them in the coming months and years. And now is right time to get in on this easy cash money gravy train! But first…

Why are QRCodes becoming so popular..? Well there are many reasons for this and I name a few. It’s not a brand new technology, but for all intense and purposes, it is rather new on the popular scene. Right now, it’s used a lot for Marketing purposes. But not just for businesses. Everyday folk are using them to.

You can used the QR code images to send secret messages, embed a telephone number, email address, text message, business branding, sms and more… So you see, it’s for any and everybody who wants to use them.

And here’s the really cool thing, it has that viral component… That’s right QR codes are viral and that can mean big traffic and lots of money! And I’m about to tell you how to get your pies of this money pie and it’s almost free, no joke!

Have a look at my Generate QR Code Free Generator…

Generate QR Code Free Generator

Create Free Codes-Free Traffic-Makes Money!

Have you made your viral free QR code..? Now, did you notice the juicy auto-income sweet spots?

Let’s have a closer look…

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