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Press Release: Information Internet Marketing Services That Massively Grow Your Business

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Information Internet Marketing Services That Massively Grow Your Business

Information Internet Marketing website and services has officially launched it’s offline division of services to help local businesses discover how to get a page on Facebook and get mobile websites professionally designed and set up, in order to capitalize on the huge Marketing potential of Facebook Fanpages, mobile website Marketing and more. Although the focus for this particular campaign is geared toward offline clients, online businesses will benefit equally well with these services.

Although the focus for this report is for local and online services, Innovative Technologies provides hundreds of how to products relating to virtually any aspect of internet Marketing information and nearly everything is being made available to the general public… Whether you be a ‘do it yourself-er’ entrepreneur or a business seeking help with business growth projects like search engine optimization, Facebook Fanpage Development, mobile website setup, internet Marketing business consultation and more, you will find that Information Internet Marketing’s website can be an extraordinary resource for products, services and free valued information.

As stated by the company’s CEO, who’s been Marketing online for several years with accomplishments such as an expert author’s badge from Ezine Articles, 1st page Google, Yahoo and Bing search engine rankings for the company’s own websites, as well as other relative Marketing success. “To better serve our online subscribers and offline local communities, we are now offering several services that we use in our own business to generate traffic, rank in the search engines, rank on the 1st page of Google (Yahoo & Bing et al), create products and overall boost our bottom line with proprietary methods that get results!”

Innovative Technologies is a small company with big internet Marketing resources which affords us the ability to give personal and quality service to our clients. Our belief and philosophy is, “we provide the best overall value than anyone”. No business can thrive online for long term success by employing only one or two strategies… In order to dominate, a business needs to have access to many tools and methods that they can rely on, such as business Fanpages, mobile sites, seo (on page and off page), product creation (ebooks, videos, newsletters, coupons, etc.), consultation, company branding, coaching and more… And because Information Internet Marketing owns and can implement these business building methods and all under one roof, any individual or business can expect to get personalized quality service that gets results!

It is nearly impossible for companies or individuals, not familiar with the ins and outs of internet marketing, to advantageously leverage this awesome force for maximum results and profits and that’s where Innovative Technologies and Information Internet Marketing comes to the rescue.

We have the products, services and resources to help any business, organization or individual improve their online (and offline) presence and ultimately their bottom line (profits). Nearly everything one would need, all under one roof, which spells substantial savings for our clients… and oh yea, we use these same resources in our own businesses!

Click here now to make first contact, get questions answered and move toward the results your business deserves! (or click the ‘Contact’ tab in the menu bar atop any page).

How To Get A Page On Facebook and How To Create A Facebook Business Account Tutorial

Welcome To Your “How To Get A Page On Facebook and How To Create A Facebook Business Account Tutorial.”

This is just going to be a quick tutorial on how to create a web page on Facebook. I will assume you are new to Facebook and and want the very basics and I will assume others are not new and want additional information.

Basically Facebook has two sides to it, a personal (for friends) and a business (fans & groups) side. The personal side consist of a personal Facebook page where you interact with friends and create and post information of a more personal nature. On this side, although you can tell your friends about what it is you do in your life (including what work you do or what business you are in), it is not designed as a Marketing tool. (This is important to keep in mind)

The other side is basically for business (for which there are a number of variations, I will cover in a moment) and this is where you would create your pages (aka Fan Pages) , which you’ve probably heard so much about.

Regardless as to which side you want to participate on, you must create a personal page first (the personal side). Yes, even if you just want a Fanpage, you need to first create a Personal Facebook Account.

To create your personal account, you will first need to have an email account or email address that you can use. Once you have this you can create your personal account page. To create your page, you will go to and you will come to a page that should look something like this…

how to get a page on facebook

Simply fill in your information and click the sign up button. Once you are all signed up, you can log in to your personal page which should look something like this…

how to get a page on facebook2

As you can see, from here you can do a lot of things… Now you will be able to start building and personalizing your page. You should probably upload a picture and make a post to start to get the feel of things.

Now you may have already known how how to get a page on Facebook and simply want to know how to how to create a Facebook business account. Great, let’s get started!

From your personal page, you can scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click the “create a page” link, as indicated by my red arrow at the bottom of this pic…

how to get a page on facebook4 image

Or, you can click this link How To Get A Page On Facebook and How To Create A Facebook Business Account Tutorial (which will take you there).

You will arrive to a page that should look something like this…

How To Create A Facebook Business Account Tutorial

You will now choose which type of page you want to create by clicking on the corresponding picture (as you can see, I have already chosen “Brand or Product” but you will choose what’s appropriate for you).

After clicking on your choice, represented by the pictures, an up-drop box will appear and you need to fill in the information requested then check the “I agree to Facebook Pages Terms” box and click the “Get Started” button (remember, it is important that you review the Facebook Terms).

Congratulations! You are now ready to personalize your new fan page!

For A Step By Step How To Get A Page On Facebook and How To Create A Facebook Business Account Video Tutorial And A WordPress Plugin That Can Have You Creating Fanpages In 5 Minutes – For Personal Or Business To Generate A Ton Traffic & Income, Click The Image Below For Near A Give Away Steal!

how to create a facebook business account

To Have My Company Create Custom Professional Business Or Personal Fanpage For You Call Now! 1-888-914-9972

Or Email For Further Inquiries…

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How To Facebook Edit Fan Page

If you are one of the many who want to use Facebook to essentially drive traffic to your website, business or CPA/Affiliate offers, you probably realize the need for having a Facebook Fan Page.

I’ve been asked to put together some info on how to facebook edit fan page and how to add a fan page on facebook and or put up a product tutorial that was affordable and would teach the ins and outs of a fan page.

You spoke and I listened and so you can click the link below which will take you to where you can get step by step video lessons that will teach you all about how to add a fan page on facebook, how to facebook edit fan page, cutomise your fan page and more…

You will also have the opportunity to get 8 Free Professional Designed Fanpage Templates that go with the videos.

How To Add A Fan Page On Facebook Templates

How To Add A Fan Page On Facebook Templates

This is very hot right now and you can use these for personal or business use to separate yourself from the average Jane on Facebook (this is only four of the templates, click below to see the other four).

How To Add A Fan Page On Facebook-image

How To Add A Fan Page On Facebook!

Simply visit  the link below