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SEO What Is It?

SEO What Is It is the acronym meaning Search Engine Optimization…

Search engine optimization is a process of constructing digital information in a way that will make it agreeable with and most accommodating for search engines to locate and retrieve for later distribution to those searchers using search engines to find relative information for which they are seeking.

What Makes This SEO So Important?

Since the majority of information online is found via some type of search format and the most commonly used tool for doing a search is via some type of search engine, then it only stands to reason that search engine use is very, very important.

But Why Is Optimizing So Important?

Optimizing is so important because it helps everybody get what they want from a search experience…

When information is optimally optimized, it makes the search engine robots job much easier to do and it helps the search engine find the most accurate and relevant info. This in turn makes the searcher (you and me) more satisfied (happy?) because they send out a request for some info and get back the best possible information available. And now the search engine providers (owners) are happy because they made they’re customers happy with relevant information who will ideally become repeat users and now they can be rewarded…

Since they are providing you all this free valuable information and you like this and keep coming back, they can now include relevant commercial advertising along with the free info you like (and you won’t mind so much because you’re still getting what you want…) and make some money from the advertisers who want to get even the slightest chance to get their messages in front of you by hitching a ride along side the search engines relevant results with some relevant results of their own.

And, by chance, should a search engine user click on any of those commercial ads hitching a ride, this creates an atmosphere of optimal wins for all parties involved, ideally that is!

So “SEO What Is It” is all about, everyone who uses the Internet to search for information and all those who use the Internet to disseminate information, ensuring everybody get what they want.

Now this is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

Since information can come in many forms and varieties (such as, words, audio, video and images…) optimizing information comes in many forms and varieties as well!

And all these many types of information need to be optimized…

If you’re writing an article, it needs to be optimized or seo’d. If you are writing a blog post, tweet or press release, this is also true of those.

You can also optimize your photos, songs, YouTube et. al. videos, Pins and a whole lot more! (Heck, I bet if the powers that be had their way, you’d be seoing and optimizing your thoughts and dreams too! :-)

And so, there you have it, SEO What Is It is the backbone of today’s Internet Information Sharing and optimizing that information so that access is most convenient and relevant for all parties is what it’s all about!

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