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Top 5 Advertising Tips To Have Peace And Security In Your Internet Information Marketing Life

I think you’ll agree, any kind of Marketing edge that you can give you and your business, all the better…

Below you will find 5 time and product tested tips that will give you that extra edge that you’re looking for. Use them and they will improve your overall output!

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Top 5 Advertising Tips To Have Peace And Security In Your Internet Information Marketing Life!

1. Who doesn’t like a discount? I know I do and your customers will too! Give them an overall total order discount to increase your sales. For instance you might want to give a discount for spending a particular dollar amount. “Spend $250 and receive and automatic 20% discount off your total order!”

Another, sort of version of this, is “buy two and get one free!”

2. Since so many of us are visually oriented, when it comes to looks, having a nice picture or graphic posted at your website that represents your product you’re selling, is so necessary when trying to win your customer over. Seeing a visual representation, sort of gives the customer the feeling of ownership and brings them that one step closer in closing the sale.

3. You could increase the perceived value of your product to boost sales dramatically. One way is to present the customer with a free bonus complementary product… Another is to have good persuasive sales copy to entice the customer… And still having a great graphic reprensation, as mentioned earlier and a decent looking website all help in increasing the perceived value of your product and business.

4. Ok here’s one that more smaller businesses may not consider but could prove to be a tremendous help, when done right! And that is to outsource part of your workload to save time, energy and money. You could outsource the parts of your business that you don’t like doing yourself or in areas that you are weak… And you can use the time, energy and money you will save, in promoting your business, which is what’s going to make you the most money!

5. This one can be a deal breaker, if the customer doesn’t see it somewhere in the sales process… Tell your audience what kind of support they will receive after they make their purchase. Depending on the product, this could be something as simple as free email support or a FAQ section that answers the most popular question. Whenever possible, always offer some type of guarantee!

Don’t forget, people love “peace and security!”

Thanks for reading “Top 5 Advertising Tips To Have Peace And Security In Your Internet Information Marketing Life”


Video Making Tips For Your Business

From large corporations to your local corner stores, there are no boundaries or limitations as to video making tips for your business. Using the Marketing approach of being more intimate with your customers, this allows them to see you as more personal and can have the added benefits of projecting sincerety and honesty to all your perspective buyers! video taking tips

In this article, we’re going to talk about video making tips for your business…

One sure way to build customer loyalty is to involve your customers in your business. You could invite your customers to participate in contest by making a video of themselves using your product.  Big business and TV has done this for years… People love this stuff and you can make it extra special by rewarding the best videos with some special prize. Video taking tips

Another great idea is to use video tutorials in your business. You could take your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and make a video out of them. People often search for video tutorials and there is no shortage of them online or in your market. Many times when people find what they need. they will often share this with others, helping to make your business go viral.

If you are already using social media in your business, when people ask questions, try responding back by posting videos (you could do this for the questions that are usually asked the most often). I guarantee you, this will set you apart from your competitors and make your business stand out even more! educational videos you tube

Hey one way to check to see if you’re connecting to your target market, you can use this little Youtube trick… As you know, Youtube has it’s own analytics so you can use their analytical tools to tell who watched your videos and what keywords they useds. This kind of information is pure gold for conversions and improving your Marketing abilities.

I must admit, I’m borrowing this next tip from a friend, but it is just too good not to tell you about it… The next time you make a video, just be natural… That’s right, just be your self… This is the best way for you and your customers to determine if they like you or not. The ones that do will stick around and accept you for who you are in your video making tips for your business and the others won’t be around to waste your time. SO JUST DO YOU! Just-Be-Yourself Educational Videos You Tube

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Marketing Internet Information Is Something We’re All Doing Here Online

Whether you are a business, group, individual, organization, government; whether you’re local or around the world, if you are sharing information of any kind, you are Marketing Internet Information.

Marketing online is not just for website owners or businesses, it’s for everybody. If you blog, write blurbs, tweet, pin, make a video or comment on someone else’ s stuff, you are participating in some type of Information Internet Marketing.

In this article, we’re going to talk about some smart and innovative ways to deliver your Marketing message… Some of the overtone may be in the form of business to customer but this can be substituted for your venue as well… for instance, blogger to reader, friends to friends, tweets to followers, you get the idea. Just remember we’re talking about Marketing Internet Information and sometimes you might be in the role of business (website owner, blogger…) and sometimes you are the customer (visitor…)

You want to try and make practical but personal application for your visitors and potential customers. Show the potential purchaser what your product, service or information can do for them. You want to engage your customers as quickly as posssible and you want to try and make it a personal experience for them… for instance, encourage them to visualize themselves with the product… how it feels in their hands, how it smells… Remember, you’re trying to make the Marketing internet information experience personal and this can have a lasting impression.

Well, what’s so great about that?

When done right, your visitor is more likely to buy something they feel a connection with and if you can help them with that, all the better… If it happens to not be a buying situation, then the visitor leaves WITH the experience and is apt to share this marketing internet information experience with others, especially if it was a plesant experience (this can result in later sales, more visitor… that wouldn’t be possible, had you NOT made their initial visit a memorable one).

Next, try to stand out from the crowd… There are millions of websites out there, in many cases, all competing for the same traffic (visitors, customers…) and one of the best ways to stand out is to be unique amongst your peers or competitors.

So how do you do unique?

Well, believe it or not, we are all unique and what you want to do is emphasize your uniqueness to your visitors. For instance, you might be a fun and quirky type of person, then, make your website (Ad, blog post, tweet, video, pins…) take on a bit of your personality and reflect this to your visitors. Not everybody will like it, but the ones that do are potentially the best customers and loyal visitors for your marketing internet information.

Legal Documents For Websites And How To Email Advertising…

Did You Know That There Are Legal Documents For Websites And How To Email Advertising That Are Required By Every Webpage And Email List Owner..?

Yes it’s true, and not for just for the US but for nearly every country that has Internet… Sure each country has it’s own governing body but in most cases, all adopt similar policies… For instance, if you own a website and use that site to interact with others, you need to have some kind of Privacy Statement (especially if you collect any kind of personal information), as well as other legal requirements.

Now we usually think this applies to just businesses but this applies to all website owners…

Here’s a common mistake I see time and again… An Affiliate Marketer selling someone else’s product and perhaps the product owner gives them a page to advertise… well sometimes I see these pages that don’t have the minimum basics that they should, to cover them legally… If something negative were to happen, both the product owner and the affiliate marketer could be held responsible.

This is quite unfortunate because it’s fairly easy to cover the basics for legal documents for websites and how to email advertising (see links below…)

Another very common mistake I see (and it’s not just from Spammers either) is in many of the emails I receive… I get emails of people telling me about this or that product… Now they can be outright selling a product or they could be simply informing me of some free product for which they will get some kind of consideration (it doesn’t have to be money)… Well many of them fail to tell me that they will receive some kind of consideration and that’s illegal!

Did you know that just one infraction, just one legal documents for websites and how to email advertising violation could result into a $16,000 fine? (which could be easily avoided, see link below)

Most of the time all one need is these special pages that are easy to make and can even be had for free but you need to know what it is you need to prepare for which is why I’m going to provide you this special page I set up where the Government tell you themselves, what the rules are about… so you don’t have to take my word…

Click the link, to watch this Free Gov’t Video telling you the facts and how you can get the software that will automate the whole process for you so that you have no worries for your business or website…

Click This Link to watch the free video and get your Legal Documents For Websites And How To Email Advertising Kit!

 Legal Disclaimer:
I am providing this page, and it’s contents, for informational purposes only and nothing  stated  is intended for legal advice. I’m not an attorney or legal representative and should you need legal advice, you should consult with a legal representative.

Discover How To Make A Web Page On Google With Web Page Tutorial Kompozer Videos

It’s true, regardless, as to what kind of business you might be doing online you should discover how to make a web page on Google… and there’s no better way to do that than with Web Page Tutorial Kompozer Videos!

Many people wonder if in fact they should have a web page or not… and my answer is an emphatic YES! So why do I say so, so emphatically… Well let me answer you by asking you a question. If you met me on the streets (at a party, convention, gym or what have you…) and learned I was a banker… if you wanted to do business with me, wouldn’t you expect me to have a business card?

Almost without question, in the Offline World, people automatically assume and expect for you to have a business card about your business. Well the same with the Online World… people expect you to have a website! And if you don’t have one, you are damaging your credibility (which is one major reason why you’ll want to discover how to make a web page on Google with web page tutorial Kompozer videos).

On the flip side though, if you do have a website, this lends itself greatly to your credibility… If you’re doing any kind of business online, people expect you to have a website, they just do…

However, many people that should have a website, don’t and the biggest reason given is, they believe it requires a high degree of technical abilities and that is simply not the case.

What is true is you will need some basic understanding of how website design works… but only the most basic knowledge is required. That’s still a little nerve wrecking to the uninitiated… But fear not, I have the perfect solution…

I have found the easiest solution is to use some type of web page tutorial and the best web page creation tutorial to use is step by step videos. When you use step by step videos, all you have to do is follow along, step by step and no technical expertise is needed. Yet, ironically, in a short period of time (maybe a couple of hours for some), you will be building web pages like a pro… Who knows, you might even create a second cash business, out of your new found skills.

Well I’ve saved the best for last… So what do you use to build you websites. The easiest and most simplest thing to do (and the most popular) is to use a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor. The wysiwyg editor makes it possible for the novice to get started building websites but there’s just one problem… On the positive side, you can find good ones for free but on the negative side, they don’t come with the best or most clear instructions… So what’s a person to do..?

I’ll tell you what I did that allows me to do nearly all of my own website creation, design and editing (including the site you’re own now)… I discovered “Discover How To Make A Web Page On Google With Web Page Tutorial Kompozer Videos!”

kompozer tutorials

Have A Happy Valentine With Work At Home Jobs Internet Marketing Information!

Did You Know You Can Have A Happy Valentine With Work At Home Jobs Internet Marketing Information..?

Many many people seem to be asking, “How can I make $100 a day with work at home jobs or work at home business with internet Marketing information?” I don’t know why $100 seems to be the magic goal line, but it is. Maybe because it’s a nice round number. Maybe it’s because $94 sounds “out of the box.” Whatever the reason, this IS a question that’s asked a lot.

Read this article and you’ll get a straight forward, no holds barred answer (Well, kinda right to the point).

First thing you need to understand, and if you get nothing else out of this article, get this…there is no ONE way to make any kind of money online, marketing internet information.

If you’re running a work at home business, the options available to you are virtually unlimited. But for the sake of keeping this article somewhat within the realm of readability, I’m not going to go into all the different things you can get into but instead, I am going to take a different direction.

Let’s say, just for argument’s sake, that you decide to tackle a specific niche with your work at home business. You set up your site, complete with product and everything else you need and find, without too much trouble, that you can earn $12 a day. That’s not a lot of money by any means. Would you agree?

Okay, but it’s nowhere near $100 bucks a day, right? AND, you might discover that, reaching that level with your current niche would take an enormous amount of work. But here’s another solution…

Instead of trying to build THAT niche up to a $100 a day work at home job, start a completely different niche while your first niche is essentially running it’s self and get this next one up to $10 a day. (Certainly that can’t be very hard to do, since you’ve already done this, right? Now, look what just happened.

Your $12 a day work at home business is now bringing in $24 a day. Can you see where I am going with this..? If you set up 10 different niches that all make just $12 a day, (which we now know, is NOT that hard to do), you are up to $120 a day in income. Starting to see the picture?

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What Is Work At Home Jobs Rich Resource Guide..?

Information Internet Marketing FREE Christmas Gifts!

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How Much To Host A Website

Discover the affordability of How Much To Host A Website.

If you’re planning to get a hosting account anytime soon, you’re going to love the great news I have for you…

You have two options really, you can go the free website way or the paid way of doing your thing, there are pros and cons to either version.

Rather than try and list them all, I’ll just cut right to the chase and tell you that my recommendation is to go the paid route, especially since it’s truly affordable for most any budget and comes with inbuilt security that you can not get from the free versions.

And why do I say this? Well, in a nutshell, the free version comes with restrictions and you’re at the mercy of that hosting company, as far as you being in total control of your business.

However, on the other hand, the paid option is quite the opposite in that you have practically total control of what you can do with your site/business. As well, the benefits so far out weights the free version, that in the long run (or short really), you will be much happier with the few dollars it cost to be in control.

So, how much to host a website?

Hosting a website will cost you anywhere from free to just under $100.00 per year. The average price is probably from $4.95 per month to $7.95 per month (Again, things will depend on what you are looking for but these are good ball park figures).

For instance, I have several accounts; one account I pay $7.95 a month and another, basic hosting is free with the domain purchase and still another that does something else… so, it just depends.

Hosting a website with a good hosting company is the best thing you can do for your business or serious projects and “how much to host a website” is practically irrelevant, when you check out what the #1 and #2 hosting company online will do for you today.

I’ll save you some time by recommending two of the best and most popular hosting companies online to date. These two companies will offer 99.99% of what most individuals or businesses would need in a hosting company.

Simply Pick Either Hosting Company – The Best Two Online!

Sign Up With Either Company And I Will Offer You Up To 10 Days Of FREE Limited Email Or Skype Support. Simply fill out the form below to let me know you’ve signed up and I’ll be in touch!

Comments or questions are welcome.

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Legal Disclaimer:
Free email support is a free offer I’m making to you for signing up with either company above. This email support offer is not apart of Bluehost or Hostgator and has not been endorsed by either company. I will also receive a commission, if you sign up via my banner links and as a thank you, I’m offering this free limited support to help you in any way I can. I’m an experienced Internet Marketer (as should be evidenced by my blog here) and will try to help anyone that signs up and asks for my assistance. Please be advised, no guarantees of any kind are made nor implied. My service is a courteosy and provided as is. Prices are subject to change.


How To Get Into Information Internet Marketing Heaven!

“How To Get Into Information Internet Marketing Heaven!”

By Floyd Florence

Once Upon A Time…

There were these three brothers (Dewon, Tion & Jovan) and they all were trying to get into Internet Marketing Heaven but there was only room for one more.

So, in order to get into IM Heaven, they each were given a task to complete and the one who completed the task (and or completed it first), would be admitted into the Information Internet Marketing HEAVENLY KINGDOM!

So, The Arc Angel Floyd (My story, so I get to be the Gate Keeper!) came down from The Information Internet Marketing Heavenly Kindom and presented each of them with the task…

The Arc Angel Floyd placed an elephant in the living room of each of their homes and told them, “the first of you to eat this elephant, Ye Will Be Given The Golden IM Keys” and escorted by the blessed St Pearlie to the Information Internet Marketing Heavenly Gates and granted Eternal Access to the Internet Marketing HEAVENLY KINGDOM!

Almost right away, Dewon threw up his hands saying, “Daanng! What’s wrong with Arc Angel Floyd… How in Heaven does he expect us to do this? I betcha not even He can eat a whole elephant like this!”

Tion, on the other hand, with his hand on his chin, walks around the elephant nodding his head up and down… Then Tion gets a ladder and climb atop the elephant, hand still on his chin and head still nodding, as if he was divising some great master plan!

Jovan, on the other hand, just sat there quietly smiling or should I say grinning with a smile so big that the corners of his mouth, met at the center of the back of his head! It was almost as if, he knew some great Internet Marketing Information Secret!

The Arc Angel Floyd had begun ascending to Internet Marketing Heaven, when he shouted back down to them, “I’ll be back in 180 days to judge the winner, to see who will be granted access into the Internet Marketing Kingdom!”

Mean while, over at Dewon’s, he appeared quite worried, as he pased about back and forth, back and forth, mumbling to himself in indiscernible words.

Tion began right away drawing up this great exotic master plan of how HE was going to accomplish the task! He even ordered some expensive archetectual tools to assist with his master plan!

Jovan, on the other hand, went into the kitchen, got a fork, his sharpest knife, a plate and huge glass of water and sat down and began carving up peices of the elephant meat. He did not even seem to take great care as to where he started, he just simply began!

Fast Forward Thirty Days Into The Story:

Dewon had become extremely frustrated with worry. Everyday he would wake up and see this humongous elephant sitting in his living room and you could almost hear him cusing with frustration “How in Hell (I mean Heaven) does He expect me to eat this big ol thing?” Just the thought of it would almost make him sick to his stomach.

Tion was in a very cheerful mood however, his expensive tools he’d ordered had just arrived in the mail and his plan was starting to take shape…

At Jovan’s house, you could hear the sound of silverware clanging and scraping against a plate… Another empty plate, he thought to himself (He’d just eaten his 8oth plate full and laid down to sleep off that huge bulge of a stomach!)

90 Days Later!

The brothers decided to get together to see how each was coming along.

Dewon was not in a happy mood. He complained the whole meeting about how unfair this was and how no one could do such an impossible thing!

Tion shared that he’d divised this great master plan and was just about to launch but he just discovered this new system that was going to allow him to devour this elephant overnight!

So, he was not worried. In fact, he invited his bothers to join him… He said his new tool was actually part of this great secret system that would be revealed to him, as soon as he invited two more people to take advantage of this magical system and how they too (his brothers) could do the same!

Dewon, simply was not in the mood, but Jovan said the system sounded really super fastical but he had no money. And besides, he was plenty busy working with what he had already. (He did share however, that he’d began to make some real headway and how he could now even see out of his front living room window, when at first, the elephant took up so much room that all you could see was the elephant!)

Inspite of things, the boys were happy to see each other and ageed to meet again in another 90 days! (It did not come up in their conversations… It seemed as if they’d forgotten all about the day of judgement, coming in only 90 more days!)

The boys each returned to their humble abodes, feeling better after having seeing each other (even Dewon was feeling chipper and inspired!)

As soon as Dewon got home he vowed to attack the decaying elephant carcous without mercy. And, as soon as he entered the room, he pounced on that carcous like someone possessed! Eight hours later, he was still going at it! He sliced, diced and ate until he was exhaused and fell asleep aside the carcous, as if he was somehow guarding it!

Meanwhile Tion had launched his secret system… He invited two who invited none and even they called to cancel at the last minute, saying something had come up! (This shot holes in the magical secret system that was already broken from the start) So Tion decided to ditch his secret magical system and just put his nose to the grind and just go for it!

All the while, Jovan was polishing off is 177th plate of elephant de jour. To keep things interesting, everyday he would do something a little extra to the elephant to make it more palatable but always sticking to his original core plan (“Everyday, he would take little bites out of the elephant and sometime, when feeling more inspired, he would gobble down chunks at a time. He never set an exact amount for each day, only that everyday he would commit to eating as much as he could.) This proved to be a sound plan
for him too, as you could see evidence, the elephant in his room was no longer “The Elephant In The Room!”

And Before Anyone Knew What Hit Them, Blarring Trumpets Were Sounding – Announcing The Arrival Of The Arc Angel Floyd and Heavenly Angel Saint Pearlie!

The Arc Angel visited each of the brothers home starting with Dewon.

Perhaps not to your surprise, scarely more than a leg was gone… It seems Dewon spent most of his time worrying about how hard the job was going to be, rather than taking action.

Next was the visit to Tion’s. There the Arc Angle discoverd that Tion had devoured half of the giant gentle beast. But then suddenly, Tion  realized that he’d spent half of his time and energy devising a plan and had he gotten started right off, instead only half of the elephant being devoured, he could’ve eaten the whole thing!

Finally, the Arc Angel, along with the two brothers and Saint Pearlie arrived at Jovan’s. To everyone’s surprise, the elephant was all gone! The only thing in the living room was this fat round rolely polely character, looking something akin to the fat laughing Buhda! No! Wait a minute, it’s Jovan! He’d done, what seemed at first to be
an impossibe feat (at least to some…)

Jovan had completely eaten the humongous elephant and was therefore presented the Golden Keys To The Information Internet Marketing Heavely Kingdom!

As they ascended, The Arc Angel Floyd asked Jovan what was his secret and Jovan replied…

“My secret was actually not even a secret… I simply remembered the old Chinese Proverb about the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.”

The End!

OK, folks, now it is time for the moral of this little story!

Actually, I hope you take away several lessons…

Dewon had worried and worried and worried and six months later he was no closer to accomplishing the task than when he started out (and at any rate, it could’ve been a year later and the results
would’ve been the same).

So, to be sure, worrying about your problems (tasks, goals, dreams or desires) will not get you any closer to manifesting your desire or solution.

So, from this moment forth, we’ll be tossing worry out of minds right? Good!

Tion had skeemed and planned until it was just too late. Now there’s nothing wrong with planning and plotting but even the best layed plan is no good without the action to back it up. Tion realized, that if he’d started taking action right away, then instead of being half way there at 180 days, it might’ve been him receiving those Golden Hevenly Information Internet Marketing Keys!

Finally, do you recall..? Jovan was smiling from the start! (Remember, he had a grin on his face so big that the corners of his mouth met at the center of the back of his head (he he he…)

He knew, when faced with challenges that seem too big to tackle, all one really has to do is break them down into bite size manageable chunks and eventually, you’ll get there!

FYI: For the animal activist in you… [No living elephants in this story were harmed, they each died peacefully in their sleep from a ripe old age and had lived 80, 90 and 100 years, repectively]

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