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Legal Documents For Websites And How To Email Advertising…

Did You Know That There Are Legal Documents For Websites And How To Email Advertising That Are Required By Every Webpage And Email List Owner..?

Yes it’s true, and not for just for the US but for nearly every country that has Internet… Sure each country has it’s own governing body but in most cases, all adopt similar policies… For instance, if you own a website and use that site to interact with others, you need to have some kind of Privacy Statement (especially if you collect any kind of personal information), as well as other legal requirements.

Now we usually think this applies to just businesses but this applies to all website owners…

Here’s a common mistake I see time and again… An Affiliate Marketer selling someone else’s product and perhaps the product owner gives them a page to advertise… well sometimes I see these pages that don’t have the minimum basics that they should, to cover them legally… If something negative were to happen, both the product owner and the affiliate marketer could be held responsible.

This is quite unfortunate because it’s fairly easy to cover the basics for legal documents for websites and how to email advertising (see links below…)

Another very common mistake I see (and it’s not just from Spammers either) is in many of the emails I receive… I get emails of people telling me about this or that product… Now they can be outright selling a product or they could be simply informing me of some free product for which they will get some kind of consideration (it doesn’t have to be money)… Well many of them fail to tell me that they will receive some kind of consideration and that’s illegal!

Did you know that just one infraction, just one legal documents for websites and how to email advertising violation could result into a $16,000 fine? (which could be easily avoided, see link below)

Most of the time all one need is these special pages that are easy to make and can even be had for free but you need to know what it is you need to prepare for which is why I’m going to provide you this special page I set up where the Government tell you themselves, what the rules are about… so you don’t have to take my word…

Click the link, to watch this Free Gov’t Video telling you the facts and how you can get the software that will automate the whole process for you so that you have no worries for your business or website…

Click This Link to watch the free video and get your Legal Documents For Websites And How To Email Advertising Kit!

 Legal Disclaimer:
I am providing this page, and it’s contents, for informational purposes only and nothing  stated  is intended for legal advice. I’m not an attorney or legal representative and should you need legal advice, you should consult with a legal representative.

Can Spam Act 2003 Are You In Compliance?

Can Spam Act 2003 Are You In Compliance With The Federal Gov’t?

There are 10 Things You Must Do In Order To Comply With The Provisions Of The FTC CAN-SPAM Act 2003

  1. You musn’t use false or misleading information
  2. The From-To & Reply Fields have to be accurate
  3. The Domain Name and Email Address have to be accurate and the person or business sending the email must be clearly identified.
  4. No Deceptive ‘Subject’ lines allowed
  5. You must clearly state that the email is an advertisement
  6. You must include your home, business/registered or p.o. box address
  7. You must include instructions on how to opt-out/unsubscribe
  8. You have 10 business days to comply with an opt out request  and you can’t share their info afterwards
  9. It is your job to make sure you or your company is complying, even if you have outsourced this to someone else
  10. Uhh, I didn’t know! (Sorry but that won’t cut it!)

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