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Hello And Welcome To Information Internet Marketing

Information Internet Marketing is a division of Innovative Technologies based out of Commerce City, Colorado (a growing part of the Denver Metro Areas).

This part of the company is a vast resource provider of information in it’s various forms/mediums relative to internet Marketing information. In short, we provide access to the information, tools and education necessary to have a successful internet Marketing experience. No matter what level of assistance you might need, we provide everything from the very basics to the very advanced. We provide established proven to work resources as well as cutting edge latest technologies that are being implemented by top companies today in real time.

We cover all the major mediums from basic website hosting information to services for installing the latest Facebook development technologies, such as the new IFrame Fan Pages.

We also specialize in several area… A partial list will include the following:

Video Tutorials

Ebook Tutorials




Audio Tutorials

10 Reasons You Would Want Me Helping You:

1. My website (this very website you are on right now) ranks on the first page of Google et. al. for a competitive search term (information internet marketing). If you type in my main keywords, my website will undoubtedly show up on the first page and unless I’ve fallen asleep, I will be one of the top 3 searches that show up (of which, according to industry experts, get’s the bulk of traffic from search engines, free or paid!)

So obviously, even though I’m no so called seo guru, I know enough to get the job done!

2. I’m hands on in my business and I don’t outsource anything… a lot of the graphics you see on my site and products are done by me, although, I am not a graphic artist (including the header graphic you see on this blog).

3. I have pretty templates too! A lot of designers would not want you to know this but most websites are based off some kind of template. Very few people or businesses could afford to have a website coded from scratch.

This website you are viewing, I chose to keep this free version and make it my own for practice. Also, it was optimized for the search engines already and I was still learning so this helped save me some time. However, as I mentioned, I own and sell a lot of products, and in fact, I have hundreds of WordPress Templates (and others) and websites for which, with a little editing (like the big boys and girls do), could be made to be your very own unique website and none would be the wiser!

3. I have a natural artistic flair and do a lot of original templates for my graphics ( a lot of which is cut & paste, I admit) which is for all intents and purposes, original for the finish product.

For instance, my company logo was designed by none other than your’s truly (for the uninitiated, that’s the little icon you see in the left corner of browser tabs). Which brings me to this point…

4. I can help you with company branding, nothing like having your own company logo and other types of branding.

5. Product creation – Every business or website should have a product that they can give to their customers to build confidence, inform & educate, build brand awareness, and most definitely as an opt-in offer to capture emails for follow up (more on this later…) and I can help with that, whether it be for an ebook, Kindle book, or video.

5. One of the top 10 (and is probably in the top 3) Internet Marketing advices one could receive is that one should have some form of lead generation incorporated in their business. And the main reason for this is so one can leverage time money and effort already spent to get any particular lead. If you have a system in place then the initial time, money and effort spent is leveraged in that you can communicate with this lead over and over again at no additional time, money or effort spent.

A type of such system is the opt-in email (aka subscription, newsletter etc) form you will see on most sites. The not so suddle reason for this is to get this person into your system (aka, sales funnel) thereby capitalizing on the principle of leverage.

I can help you and your business with this.

6. A blog is one of the smartest investment a business or person can make and there are many reasons for this… search engines love them, they are muti-purposeful (which can be any thing from a static website to a full contact management system).  Now, while blogs are fairly simple to install, setting them up properly and optimizing them is a whole other matter. If you want to save time and frustration, you will need some insider knowledge on this… For instance, there are hundreds of plugins (and possibly thousands ) to choose from, which ones should you use and even if you did pick the right one, many come with settings that should be optimized, how you gonna do this the best way for your business? This is one of the great ‘Achilles’ heel’ to free products. If you are a business, you surely don’t have the time to learn every nuance of IM.

7. For the do-it-your-self-er, I have hundreds of audio, ebook and video tutorials on virtually any subject and niche related to Internet Marketing (and others) and the truth be told, it’s how I learned most of what I know, so you know they work! (My business and websites are proof enough of that…)

8. I am a life time member of American Writer’s Institute, Ezine Articles, Honeste Online ( and others… ) all well respected leaders in their field, each consisting of many, many more of the same. In short, I have insider connections, the average person or business would not be privy to, which I would certainly use to your benefit!

9. I have a good command of the English language and some copy writing skills (not the best but I can get the job done!)

10. I can do pretty much every major component to successful Internet Marketing. I’m not a ‘Jack Of All Trades and A Master Of None’, I can surely help pretty much any person or business and I can do several things really, really well!

Hopefully, I have provided you with the confidence and reasons to allow me to help you (free or paid) in your business or online projects, but if you need me to work you over some more, you be sure to fill out that contact form!

Thanks for stopping by. We look forward to serving you in whatever capacity we can.


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