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Information Internet Marketing Information – Get Paid $100 For 2 Hours…

Information Internet Marketing Information – Get Paid $100 For 2 Hours…

Attention Veterans!Time Sensitive Information…

In case you don’t know, I am an internet Marketing information provider. From time to time, I post information that almost anyone can take advantage of related to surveys and research study groups (not the usual bs you might see floating around the internet).

These be real paying gigs that pay you for a couple hours (or there abouts…) for your opinion and time. Why just last week, I attended a gov’t paid survey in Downtown Denver held at the Hyatt Regency and it paid me (and everyone else, around 40 folks or so) 75 dollars (loaded credit card) for about two hours for my opinion on research they were gathering related to “Oil Spills” on the Gulf Coast…

Anyways, this Information Internet Marketing Information is an insiders tip on a paid survey coming up in just a couple of days, here’s an excerpt…

Veterans – Focus Group - Looking for ages 18-44 for an upcoming study on the afternoon & evening of February 1st. This study is on the topic of Educational Grants & we need participants who have an interest in going back to school to further their education. Pays $100 cash for 2 Hours in Lakewood.”

I’ve been personally asked to pass this Marketing internet information on to any qualifying parties. Although I am a veteran, I don’t qualify for this one, but you might, and I look forward to helping out any fellow vets…

If you are interested for this time sensitive information here’s how you can get the low down… Simply visit my site ( and click on the “Contact” button atop of the page and respond with your name and number and I will follow up (ASAP) with you and give you the specific number to call…

Please Note: You do not have to leave your number, if you don’t want, I only ask this as to speed up the process for you (not me!), as I mentioned this is time sensitive… If you choose not to leave your number, make sure you leave your name and an email address that you will monitor frequently over the next 24-48 hours.

That’s all I need from you to pass on this information. There’s nothing to sign up for with me. As always, your privacy is protected and I will not pass on your information to anyone, period! In fact, after I pass on the information to you, I will delete your contact information and you will likely not here from me again (unless you take some action, like signing up as a free member of my blog, newsletter or some list that I own…)

Again, this is time sensitive, and I’m pretty sure, it’s first come, first served!

For your convenience, here’s my contact link again, (again, I only need your name an email to send you the info but if you leave your number, I will personally call you to pass it on).

Good Luck!

P.S. This is for veterans living in the Denver Metro Area (Colorado)

Information Internet Marketing Comments On SOPA & PIPA

Today we here at Information Internet Marketing comments on SOPA & PIPA, proposed bills relating to Internet Censorship…

When I went to my hosting company’s home page to log in, there was this black-out page that popped up talking about these Acts, SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) & PIPA (Protect Intellectual Property Act).

Now if you just look at the name of these anti-piracy bills (Stop Online Piracy Act & Protect Intellectual Property Act) this seems like a worthy cause. However, upon closer inspection, I’m not so sure!

According to my host provider (“we have serious concerns over the implications that SOPA could have on free speech and the chilling effects on e-commerce. Therefore, we cannot support SOPA in its current form.”) and others around the Internet, these related proposed bills would infringe upon a civil liberties in a very negative way… had this to say (in a pop up) “Thanks to action by a broad and bipartisan coalition of Internet users, companies, and organizations, the U.S. House of Representatives has now put the brakes on SOPA, a well-intentioned but deeply flawed bill that would use Internet censorship to combat overseas copyright infringement. Even President Obama’s White House has joined the opposition.”

It Appears President Obama is taking a lot of heat on this one from the big boys in Hollywood… (as stated in a LA Times blog post today)

“Two senior entertainment executives and Obama donors, who declined to speak on the record, said they would not give the president’s reelection effort further financial support because of his opposition to key parts of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA).

The two bills have been aggressively supported by the Motion Picture Assn. of America, which is Hollywood’s chief lobbying arm, and entertainment industry unions, as a way to combat global Internet piracy. But the two groups have received serious push back from a coalition of top Internet companies that argue the proposed bills are poorly designed and don’t have adequate civil liberties protections.”

However, not all Obama supporters will abandon him on a single issue…

“Other executives in the largely Democratic community said that although they are unhappy with Obama’s position on the bills, they do not plan to abandon their support. “I don’t like the fact that Obama is against this,” said producer Mike Medavoy, a lifelong Democrat and major Obama supporter. “But, this is a single issue and I’m not a single issue voter.” [].

This website is providing count down timers to the date things go into effect, so for your convenience I’m proving this for your consideration…

Since this involves internet Marketing information, I’ve been compelled to toss in my two cents… after all my website is all about information internet marketing!

“We have not personally read the bill so, we here at are limited on making an informed decision. However, in general, we are opposed to laws that unnecessarily restrict civil liberties and free speech.”

While we’re on the subject of laws affecting the Internet, this would be a good time to ask you, are you and your business protected?

Get Your Very Own Virtual Lawyer And Save Hundreds On Attorney Fees…

  • Update your website to be in compliance
  • Avoid potential fines from the FCC
  • Understand the rules concerning email Marketing and spam
  • Produce your own editable legal pages
  • Save on attorney fees for simple tasks


Information Internet Marketing Free Web Site Design Help

Congratulations On Finding My Information Internet Marketing Free Web Site Design Help

In order to have a website online, you will need to have your website hosted somewhere. So, you will need to sign up at some hosting company to get my Free Web Site Design Help.

I have been Marketing on line for about five or six years and have hosted my sites at five different companies (including GoDaddy). My main hosting company is Bluehost and I have been with them for at least four or five years and recommend them over any of the other services I’ve personally used. Also, when I was looking for potential affiliate partners, I researched a number of other companies and still rank Bluehost at the top.

Feel free to do your own research (also realize, one of the benefits of having help is, this saves you a lot of time and frustration, among other things…) but I would consider Bluehost’s nearest competitors to be Hostgator and Godaddy. I hear good things about Hostgator (and I do partner with them) but I won’t go further into reviews as this is not what this post is about. I just wanted to give you that background information for your consideration.

I use Bluehost and have been with them for years and this is where you need to sign up to for your hosting in order to get my free web site design help.

I know their system well, which will benefit you too because it will make things easier for everybody and when you sign up, I will get credit for referring you as well. In this way, it’s a win, win, win for all.

  • You will get free web site design help from an experienced and professional online expert.
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[If you already have a domain name, that's fine, but if not don't worry about that right now. I will get some information from you and can provide you some insider knowledge that could be worth hundreds in costly mistakes, for the uninformed (trust me, I know!)

To get started just click on the banner or link below, then send me the request info on the contact form. Once Bluehost notifies me of your signup, I will follow up with you to get your project underway...]

Free Web Site Design Help

After you’ve signed up, let me know by either clicking on the “Contact” button at the top of any page on the site or simply click on the link that follows…

Just fill in your info and I will follow up with you just as soon as I hear from Bluehost.

Basically how this will work is, I will design your site, either from one of my professional commercial templates, from your images or perhaps a combination of this…

Advantages of having me design your site is

  • You will be able to use the finish product without worry of licensing or royalty fees and such that can come attached  with using free templates online.
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I will try to make this an enjoyable experience for you, nevertheless, I know it will be a knowledgeable one.

Congratulations and I look forward to working with you and providing you my information internet Marketing free web site design help!


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We will not share your personal information to anyone not connected with providing this service to you.
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