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Information Internet Marketing Info Can Save You Money!

Today’s Information Internet Marketing Advice Can Save You Money And Indeed Keep You Out Of Trouble!

I received this email today from an affiliate marketer about how I could get all this easy traffic automatically, here’s the bulk of it…

["I'm going to make this quick AND simple.

If you hope to make ANY money online you will need traffic.

Lots of it.

You can pay for it or you can use this new software to get thousands of ready-to-buy visitors funneled to your offers everyday for FREE:

>>> Check it out yourself

I don't know about you, but old school affiliate methods simply DO NOT work anymore and the ONLY way to generate decent commissions without losing your shirt with paid traffic is to find something totally unique that nobody else is using.

This is your chance to be ahead of the curve and make EASY and FAST commissions."]

Now this guy doesn’t email me that much but I unsubscribed, after checking out the offer…

The offer was for “Commission Streamer,” a piece of automation software that’s suppose to make you a lot of money without you hardly having to do anything .

I also did a search for scams and went to this one website where people were wondering whether to buy it and a few people had purchased it already and of the one’s I read, that had purchased it, they all had some kind of issue with their purchase (logging in, getting access to the software, etc).

As to the people that’s wondering about the effectiveness of the product…

Because of how the original sales page give the indication that the product being purchased will do what is being claimed and there’s no mention of an up sell… There are two main issues…

  1. Upsell, in this case is a red flag.
  2. The Federal Trade Commission frowns heavily on misleading advertisement.


I just wrote an information internet Marketing ebook (and also a blog post) on the CAN SPAM Act, which gives 10 key items of concern that the FTC looks at and warns marketers about… (this information comes straight from the horse, if you know what I mean…) You can see an extract of the book (which is really internet Marketing information meat and juicy details, as it relates to email, but can be applied elsewhere… when you read it, you’ll understand what I mean)

You can see the post here (it is titled “Can Spam Act 2003 Are You In Compliance?”)

The email itself, out right violates the “Can Spam Act 2003″ and this person could be charged $16,000 per infraction (as stated by the info at the FTC site) of which I counted at least two… Read my post, you be the judge… and hopefully learn something that could possibly keep you out of hot water and out of the big brother’s cross hairs!

Again, as far the product, I haven’t bought it and tested it so I can not comment on it’s effectiveness, however I can offer a word or two of caveats, if you will…

  • If it sounds too good to be true, then pay special attention!
  • If something promises that you don’t have to do any work or something similar like that, than beware,  because that is rarely the case.

Now let me say this, I’m more of an optimist than not and I believe somewhere somebody/s are in possession of some software that can make, making money fairly easy as compared to what most of us would have to do to get it.

However, if someone is in possession of such a device, how likely do you think they are to share it with perfect strangers? If you had such a cash machine, would you be so willing to share it? Think about it!

Let me put it another way, if you had a magic lamp that produced millions of dollars for you, essentially at will, would you really be so kind as to let anyone use it for a few bucks… It’s been my experience that most people would not and this secret would be kept behind closed doors for close family and friends… at least until everybody who’s anybody in the click, had there shot and the tool was no longer as effective (saturated).

Of course there are exceptions to this but what we’re talking about here is what is most likely to be the truth in this case. Is this that very rare awesome find that you’ve stumbled upon or is it something else?

Don’t get me wrong now, in the digital world, you can run into some pretty nifty tools at good prices to boot, however again, ‘a pretty nifty tool’ and ‘a magic lamp’ is not quite the same thing, ok?

I could go on but no sense in beating a dead horse to death.

I hope this information internet Marketing information has shed some light on the topic and at least given you food for thought.