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Learn What Is Hosting A Website..?

Have you thought about joining the Internet  Marketing Community but first, your must learn what is hosting a website, right? Well, you’re in the right place.

I’m Floyd, the owner of this blog… I am an active Internet Marketing Entrepreneur and I have been Marketing online for several years now. When I first started though, one of the biggest problems was understanding and making sense of all the Internet Marketing lingo.

I’m going to tell you a little secret right now, that you would do well to remember and take action on. One of the best moves you can make online is to align yourself with a person, business, website or community of like minded folk that can share insider knowledge with you.

And why is this important..? Well you have someone who’s already gone through what you are about to experience, they can save you a lot of time, stress and heartache that will come with trying to figure the internet out on your own. For instance, I’m about to tell you, not only what is hosting a website but also tell you about how much to host a website and where to find web host for website and more. Assuming you trust me, this can save you hours of research…

Ok, so what does hosting a website mean? For most people online, hosting a website is when you go to a hosting provider (aka web host…) and pay them to host your website (this is known as having a hosting account). You have to have a hosting account some where before you can build your website, blog or what have you.

Think of it like this, a host is the person, place or business that provides the location for you to put your website.

For example, if you wanted to throw a big party for hundreds of people but you live in a one room shack you would need somewhere else to have your party. So, you call up the Holiday Inn and book a suite large enough to hold your guest. Well Holiday Inn is, in part the host because they are providing you the space to have your party. And you too are a host to your guest, because you are providing the place for the party. However without the “Host” Provider you would have no where to have your party.

And this is how it works online as well. In order for you to have your website (domain, business, blog, etc.) you have to have some where to put it. You can’t just throw it up in cyber space because no one would be able to find it…

However, before you even need a hosting account, you would need a domain (also known as, a domain name, website, website address, url). Your domain name is like your rented building from which you will be selling your products. However, before you can sell anything, you have to put your building somewhere on somebody’s land (and so your building would be hosted). After your building/domain is hosted you can start doing all sorts of stuff with it… Also, now your building/domain has an address (URL…) that you can now tell people about so that they can come and visit with you.


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