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Articles – Article Directory and Article Marketing

First let me just say, articles, the article directory and article marketing should definitely be in your journal of marketing.

Ok so, what are articles then?

Articles (online) are essentially a 250 to 500 (sometimes more) word write up about a particular topic, product, service, website etc… and you should definitely be considering using article marketing.

So what are Marketing articles..?

Think of it as advertising articles to promote a product or service. So, it can be viewed as a form of advertising whereby, articles are the medium or vehicle that will deliver said advertisement.

If you’ve been Marketing online for any reasonable length of time, you’ve undoubtedly heard of using article marketing. But if you are fairly new, the concept might be a little foreign, however, the description just given just about covers the basic understanding.

There are a lot of pros for using articles but there are a few cons as well. Many don’t bother with it because it can be quite time consuming and some just find it difficult to write. However, as far as the cons, there are some things you can do to make your article Marketing a less painful process.

There are products on the market that can help your article marketing. As well, private label right articles are easily accessible and you can use these as your spring board for getting a great head start on your article writing. And there are some great ebooks out that can lay it all out in simple follow along language that will have you writing articles in no time.

Now the advantages of article Marketing are many and it would take a whole book or video to get you well informed and I got just the one for ya… (Don’t worry, it’s on the house-no charge!)

However, a few of the most popular of the advantages are…

  • the ability to get the word out on your product or service at no cost
  • the ability to generate a ton of free targeted traffic to your site
  • establish credibility and notariety for yourself and your business

After you’ve written your first article, your very next step is to submit your article to an article directory.

An article directory is essentially a central location that contains a virtual library of articles.

Of course there are a number of directories to consider, such as Ezine Ariticles (the number one directory online for this purpose).

If you would like to begin your article Marketing but would like to see a quick one minute introduction first, click the link below… After you watch the introduction, I would like to give you my free 5 part video tutorials that will be the beginnings of making you an article Marketing pro!

FYI: The intro video also mentions email marketing, please disregard that part.

First Watch,

Introduction To Article Marketing